Jordan Alexandria Hayley


Thank you for visiting my website. A little bit about me: I have participated in very exciting events; walked alongside both President Bush 41 & Bush 43 on the sidelines of the Houston Texans game, spent time with everyone from the Houston Texans Organization and been saddened by seeing the severely Wounded Warriors. I have cried with the Families of the Fallen; heard SSgt Matt Lammers, a brave triple amputee tell the story of being blown up in Iraq; heard the stories from SSgt Eric Maddox, who mastermind the capture of Saddam Hussein; met CPT Buttons, of the 160th Night Stalkers, the same team that killed Osama Bin Laden, learned from Major General Bob Dees (Ret) who led crusades for Christ throughout the world, former Dr. Ben Carson for President Campaign Chairman, and Founder of Military Resilience at Liberty University. Meeting 4-Star General Boykin who formed the first Special Forces Team and commander portrayed in the movie “Black Hawk Down” was a tremendous experience. I had the privilege to meet countless WWII and Vietnam Veterans. Spending time with Joanne King Herring of the movie Charlie Wilson’s War, who smuggled herself into Afghanistan 40 years ago and speaking in front of so many successful people has had a major impact on my life. I have been scared but did it anyway, been exhausted but got up at 4am anyway, been hot and thirsty but ran the 5K anyway; because I was so inspired by what was around me. My mother and I do these things together and we are so very blessed to live in the United States of America where so many men and women sacrifice their lives every day for our freedom, something I always want to remember and keep inside my heart. It has been a pleasure to give so much of my young life honoring those who sacrifice it all and because of my mother’s love and influence and having my walk with the Lord be strong. To my mom, I cannot thank you enough for your sacrifices, to my friends and family, thank you for loving me and to our troops, may you always find strength in the Lord. Thank you!

In Him,

Jordan Hayley
Second Baptist School, Class of 2016
Liberty University, Class of 2020